Firstly we'd like to apologize for the delay in realising our first episode, Rome wasn't built in a day and even our podcast refused to do so.

We tried to give a fresh perspective to STORY TELLING by our first episode, narrated & written by Tushar, the story dates back to भगवद पुराण .

We talk about The Matrix today, मायाजाल as we call it, I know, it sounds like a sermon, but trust me it is not. We are no one to preach you, we are story tellers and this is the story of मायाजाल , the matrix that we all live in.

You have to understand. Most people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inert and so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it.

The system is one’s ego and one’s ego shape our consciousness. They are fundamentally one and the same. To become unplugged implies shattering your illusive identity, the story about you and the world around you. It implies becoming face to face with reality, and thus acknowledge all the negative and positive aspects of the world around you, not only those fit to your “story”. Many people today live their lives in a bubble, unable to acknowledge cause and effect in our world. They build their illusive and biased identities around an unsustainable economic, cultural and social system.

Most of today’s most pressing problems relates to our inability to comprehend the consequences and the stories of our actions. Climate change, environmental degradation, war, poverty etc. All these problems occur because we humans are unable to comprehend the costs of our actions. To wake up and become unplugged is to see and understand the nuances of what is going on. Those, not ready to wake up, have locket their stories away and tossed the key.

In the sacred texts of Buddhism, Buddha (living his wealthy life in his castle, or matrix) became ready to be unplugged when he saw human suffering, disease and death for the first time. The story that Buddha had built himself his entire life instantly collapsed. Aware that his story was false, Buddha decided to take another route, the route towards enlightenment. His aim was to detach and destroy every part of the story. He wanted to become nothing.

However, while sitting under the sacred Bodhi tree and unplugging himself from the very essence of human identity, which meant death, Buddha recognized something important. He saw that enlightenment and nothingness was not “nothing, but rather "everything" (think again about matrix).

So in order to become ready to be unplugged, you have to shake or shatter the story about you.

Listen to our story tonight and write to us.


😃😃😃 Amezing,aaj Bhagwat k ek nye Adhyay se parichay karbaya he apne ,👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👌 such m sab maya hi to h 😊

Matlab 15 min kahan gaye pata hi ni chalaaa ji ! Apki awaaz ka jadu hai ye sirji

Awaaz ki duniya ke shahenshah .. kamaal ka narration !!! BIG fan

You r really amazing Tushar .. kitni khubasoorat tareeke se explain kiya apne 'Maya' .. wish you Good luck for ur new journey


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