Welcome to our 3rd instalment of Dhaak Podcast, we hope and pray that all of you are healthy and safe.

Our show tonight is again based on Dadima | दादीमाँ stories, and the titile ofr today's story is : Emperor's New Clothes | राजा के नए कपड़े

The story is about how a compliant set of ministers can influence a King's reputation for good or for bad.

The story is 600 years old but the message it carries is quite contemporary.

We tried to give a fresh perspective to STORY TELLING here, narrated & written by Tushar, the story dates back to 1600 CE.

Without being preach our podcast tonight would just leave you with a thougt, because obviously who are we to teach anyone. But then we would definitely like to stimulate your thoughts, create ripples and build awareness.

The moral of "Emperor's New Clothes" is that people should be willing to speak up if they know the truth, even if they think that everyone else will laugh at them.

But without going into morals, our endeavour always has been to entertain and tonight we tried to do the same.

We really hope you like our show tonight , please send in your feedback.

Stay tuned and keep listening.



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