E (energy) = mc2 || c = speed of mind and m = matter.

The smaller the matter the better the Energy levels, longer matter drains our energy as listeners.

हम समझते हैं के चंचल मन कहाँ ठहरेगा 30 मिनट से ज़्यादा कहीं भी ।

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Tushar Sen

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This podcast is a small effort to connect creative minds, to discuss what most of us want to know about, to relive the forgotten literature and to particiapte in whatever little way we can towards spreading the awareness about humanity and the perils surrounding it.

The benign intent behind this podcast is to promote upcoming voice artists, poets, story-tellers and also to connect with people who in someway are trying hard to make this world a better place.

Each week we will bring you a fresh episode from our magical cauldron, the best part is that unlike other podcasts here you'd be in for acoustic surprises. The other good part is that though we'd be featuring celebrities, but we'd be looking out for humanity's torch bearers who deserve to be heard.

Apart from talkshows and poetry recitation we will host story telling, the art that was mastered only by our grandparents would now be tried by our host : Tushar.

This isn't a regular podcast with a long playtime, we keep it short and memorable.

The one thing that we learnt during our research was that the audience attention span is too little as it is already being attacked by the tele, the NETFLIX, and the social media. So we decided we would only ask for a small pie of 15 minutes every week.

We are always open to new ideas, and we promise we'd never play hard to get. So, if you want to be featured as an artist here you can always contact us and if found suitable we will be gladly including your content here.

Though are show is primarily going to be conducted in hindi / urdu but we are not restricted by language, a good content will always be embraced by us.

Our show is totally free and we don't charge any subscription fee and will not do so ever. You could share our show with your friends as a gesture of gratitude (only if you like the show). 

So stay tuned and keep listening.

Podcast Guests

Guests lined up to be featured on our show (each guest brings in fresh perspective from her/his respective field).