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Dhaak Podcast || आप सभी का स्वागत है

Poetry Recitation | कविता पाठ

This is a section reserved for me, the host of this show. You'll get to hear my poetry / कविताएं regularly. This time probably I'll even try to explain my poetry, since we have the liberty of time. I have been told often by my listeners on my poetry channel that I recite too fast, now even they can relish the poems at a much slower pace here.

TalkShows | चौपाल

We invite guests to share their perspective on current social issues, literature and self-development. Our talkshow / चौपाल doesn't boast of celebrities but we guarantee substance from each of our discussion / चर्चा. If you want to be invited as a guest please write to me: [email protected] and we"ll have you over on our चौपाल

Stories | दादीमाँ की कहानियां

What is a podcast without stories? पहले दादी माँ से सुनते थे आप अब मुझसे सुनिए कहानियां । From Kalidas / कालिदास to Shakespeare / शेक्सपियर, from Rumi / रूमी to Gulzar / गुलज़ार. Apart from these legends I will share stories about everything that matters to us and but hidden in the depths of nature / प्रकृति . Time for bedtime stories - ये उस समय की बात है ...

dhaak podcast gyanganj mystery new

Dhaak: Immortals of Gyanganj | ज्ञानगंज के अविनाशी

For centuries there have been rumors that there is a secret location in Himalayas called Gyanganj. A location where Yogis of very high caliber lived for hundreds of years. Siddhashrama is another name for Gyanganj. American President Franklin Roosevelt was determined to find the place which Americans called Sangri-La (Shambhala). Tonight ladies and gentlemen we unravel the story behind this mysterious hermit and give it a mathematical explanation. Listen to the story now narrated by your host and dost, Tushar Sen: Instagram

dhaak podcast the real mowgli story

Dhaak: The Real Mowgli | कहानी असली मोगली की

Tonight ladies and gentlemen we bring you the TRUE story of The Real Mowgli. Hold your breath, because you are about to witness something you must've never heard of. Rudyard Kipling was inspired by the story of Ramu, the Indian wolf boy who was found in the Jungles of Uttar Pradesh, India in 1976. Tune in to listen to this astonishing tale narrated by your host and dost Tushar Sen: Instagram

dhaak podcast ghosts of awadh

Dhaak: Royal Ghosts of Awadh | अवध के शाही भूत

For over three decades, Malcha Mahal, a 14th-century hunting lodge in the middle of Delhi's ridge forest, inhabited by the self-proclaimed royal family of Oudh, remained out of bounds for those uninvited. Until the afternoon of September 3, 2017, not many had entered the lodge. And then one afternoon, the palace's last resident, Prince Ali Raza was found dead. For over three decades, Prince Ali Raza lived at the palace with his mother Wilayat and sister Sakina. Proclaiming themselves as descendants of the Oudh Royal family, the three had refused to leave the 14th-century hunting lodge until the government returned their ancestral property. A New York Times article recently suggested that the three may not have been related to the Royal family. The reporter interviewed Raza's relatives who said Raza was no prince. They said Wilayat hallucinated. The three took the truth to their graves. Listen to this mysterious REAL story tonight narrated by your dost and host Tushar Sen: Instagram

dhaak podcast meera bai

Dhaak: Untold Story - Meera Bai | मीरा बाई

Meera broke many social norms of the time. She accepted Raidas (Ravidas), a Dalit by birth, as her guru ( Guru Miliyaa Raidasjee). It is believed that it was Raidas who had given her that statue of Krishna, all those years ago when she was a small girl. Choosing the language of the people, Meera wrote in Vrajbhasha, interspersed with Rajasthani. Around 1000 padas of Meera are available now. Around 500 more are attributed to her. Sadly, no attempt was made to preserve all that she composed. Tonight in our Shakti Series we bring you the story of the most enigmatic poetess of India. Listen and connect with me at : Instagram

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dhaak blog lord byron poet

Dhaak: Lord Byron - The Amorous Romantic Poet Loved by Ladies

Byron's admirers were by no means only aristocratic ladies of a certain age. As women later swarmed around the also bisexual Rudolph Valentino, fans from all social classes pursued Byron: young and old, uneducated and bluestocking, unloading their secret fantasies, excited and emboldened by Byron's poetry to seek out its originator. Hundreds of these women wrote to Byron, often anonymously, furtively, entreating him for a sample of his handwriting, signed copies of his work, a curl of his dark auburn hair, a clandestine meeting, "an occasional place in your Lordship's thoughts". […]

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dhaak blog robert browning

Dhaak: Robert Browning - Master of Dramatic Monologues

The techniques he developed through his dramatic monologues—especially his use of diction, rhythm, and symbol—are regarded as his most important contribution to poetry, influencing such major poets of the twentieth century as Ezra Pound, T. S. Eliot, and Robert Frost. […]

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dhaak blog william blake

Dhaak: William Blake - poet and painter

Sometimes we find a poet, or a painter, or a musician who functions like a key that unlocks a part of ourselves we never knew was there. The experience is not like learning to appreciate something that we once found difficult or rebarbative, as we might conscientiously try to appreciate the worth of The Faerie Queene and decide that yes, on balance, it is full of interesting and admirable things. It’s a more visceral, physical sensation than that, and it comes most powerfully when we’re young. […]

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Communicator Award 2020 for Best Podcaster

The Communicator Awards is dedicated to recognizing excellence, effectiveness, and innovation across all areas of communication. We are the leading international awards program honoring talent in this highly competitive field. Founded nearly three decades ago, The Communicator Awards receives almost 5,000 entries from companies, agencies, studios, and boutique shops of all sizes, making it, globally, one of the largest award shows of its kind. As we enter our 27th season, we’re also introducing new categories in Commercial Campaigns and Crisis Communication as well as expanded Podcast categories, to highlight and applaud thought leadership and executional greatness driving society and the industry. […]